Homeschool for Y.O.U. Association, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization that seeks to extend Christian support to homeschooling families in the Central Savannah River Area (CSRA). To help insure that our group remains distinctively Christian, we have a Statement of Faith and Statement of Philosophy that we ask each member to subscribe to. This is required for membership.

Y.O.U. stands for Youth Opportunities Unlimited. Our goal is to seek out and share with each other all kinds of opportunities to broaden and enrich our children’s education beyond the curricula and home classroom. Our support group is ever changing to adapt to your needs as a homeschooling family. Our activities depend on your interest, participation and volunteer service. We diligently try to provide activities that are both educational and fun, and allow for many homeschooling families to interact with each other which is why HS4U does not organize care groups within itself – we are a care group of many! If you are a member of another homeschool group, we invite you to join us too! There’s no rule saying you can only be a member of one group. We will keep you informed of HS4U activities that you can participate in along with opportunities in your other groups.

Our annual membership fee is $30. The renewal fee is $25. Your membership entitles you to receive Y.O.U. News (our monthly newsletter), a membership directory, discounts on HS4U sponsored events, email updates as events and opportunities appear, a membership card that entitles you to discounts at various business establishments, discounts at the annual Fun Fair/Curriculum expo and more!

Homeschool for Y.O.U. Association, Inc. (HS4U) offers many opportunities for homeschool families such as:

  • Field Trips: local and day trips
  • Organized access to local theater & ballet productions as well as museum events & exhibits
  • Ongoing fun activities: roller & ice skating, bowling, Putt Putt days, holiday get togethers & parties,
  • toddler reading time, mom’s out time, teen activities, etc. (activities are determined by interest & participation)
  • Bi-monthly luncheons for moms (or dads) with a prayer meeting time before lunch
  • Annual standardized testing program
  • Fund raising opportunities to earn credit towards testing, field trips, educational classes, etc.
  • School pictures
  • Bi-annual Used Books & Curriculum Sale
  • Seminars for parents and educational programs for both students and adults
  • Yearly Curriculum Expo with curriculum vendors, local businesses, workshops, etc.
  • It is our desire to help any homeschooling family to know more about available resources, opportunities and methods of home education. We look forward to serving you.